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Welcome to the OMAuto Incubator wiki.  This is where we will store meeting agendas and minutes, meeting schedules, dial-in numbers and other important logistical information.  Additional information regarding OMAuto can be found on the OMA public website at

About OMAuto

The OMAuto Incubator has been created by leaders in the Wireless and Automotive industries as a means to monitor and guide standardization efforts in the connected vehicle space.

OMAuto Goals

  • Establish a venue for discussion between telecom and automotive at a technical and industry level to establish any network, any automobile communication
  • Identify select established telecom specifications to optimize for the needs of the Automotive market
  • Create a path for the Automotive industry to interface with the rest of IoT via standardized enablers
  • Bridge existing standards with standardization efforts in the Automotive sector
  • Enable a path for automakers and operators to encourage communications interoperability across automotive and wireless industries

OMAuto Charter

Read the OMAuto Incubator charter document OMAuto-Incubator-Charter-041516-Public.pdf.

Draft Report

The draft report is at the wiki page OMA Report on Automotive Opportunity. To update the report, you can edit that page,


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