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Tool NameDescriptionContent
eMO Editor

This tool contains a Management Object Editor, eMO, together with the relevant functionality to import,

export, view and create new Management Objects (MOs).

OMA Device Management (DM) Management Object (MO) Registry

OMNA maintains a registry of values used for Management Object (MO) descriptions. These MO managed registrations may be made by OMA Working Groups or External entities.

In all cases, the registry provides for allocation of the needed MO URN value and serves as a repository for the MO descriptions.

Management Object Editor Tool

TS Template for OMA Working GroupsThis document contains an OMA Technical Specifications template that MUST be used by the OMA Working Groups to guarantee that the eMO tool can extract the defined Management Object from the OMA Technical Specification. Download
TS template for External OrganisationsThis template should be used by other Standard Development Organization or companies to guarantee that the eMO tool can extract the defined Management Object from the document. Download



LightweighM2M editor tool

OMA is managing a registration program called OMNA.This registry is used by OMA and non-OMA groups to register their profile data.

In OMNA there is a registry dedicated to register OMA LightweightM2M Objects and Resources.  These resources can be registered by OMA or non-OMA organizations as well as private companies.

Tool NameDescriptionContent
eLwM2M Editor

The LightweighM2M tool contains an editor eLwM2M and the relevant functionality to import, export, view and

create new Objects and Resources.

Register of LwM2M Objects and Resources with OMN

OMNA ObjectID Classes (Ranges) - OMA LightweightM2M (LwM2M) Object and Resource Registry

CategoryURNObject ID rangeDescription
oma-labelurn:oma:lwm2m:oma:<id>0 - 1023Objects produced by OMA
reserved 1024 - 2047Reserved for future use
ext-labelurn:oma:lwm2m:ext:<id>2048 - 10240Objects defined by 3rd party Standard Developing Organizations (SDOs)

10241 - 26240

26241 - 32768

Objects defined by vendors or individuals for registration

Objects defined by vendors or individuals to re-use

OMNA Ranges for Resources

CategoryResource  Range IDDescription
Common Resources0 - 2047

Common resource defined inside Objects. Inside of an Object the resourceIDs must be unique but it can be reused in different Objects.

Reusable Resources2048 - 32768

Registered by an Object Specification, with the Resource ID assigned by OMNA. Defined in any Object specification. Resources from this Resource ID

range can be re-used in any Object. View or Register

How to Register - The OMA LwM2M Management Object Editor is used to register objects or reusable resources

Editor tool process v1.1

Registration Details 

Object type (defined by):

  1. Your name (Enter Name of per registering Object)
  2. Object Type: (Select on option)
    1. OMA Working Group (for OMA Members only)
    2. Another SDO
    3. Private Company
  3. Your email address (correspondence requirements)
  4. Object Name (To be used for registration purposes)
  5. Short Object Description


Click Register - The registration details will be submitted to the OMA Staff for processing.

Note: Please give up to two weeks to process your request. 
If you have any question, contact the OMA Helpdesk at:

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