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LwM2M overview including new features due for release in Q2 2019

The following OMA LwM2M tools and documentation is made available from here:

Quick overview of OMA LwM2M Enabler.
LwM2M Editor Tool
  • LwM2M Editor Guidelines (contains the following functions)
      • LwM2M Editor
        • Creation, update & view of Objects/Resources
      • Import/Export Objects/Resources
      • LwM2M License Editor
      • Registration to OMNA of Objects/Resources
LwM2M Schema
Registry API
Create GitHub Issues on LwM2M topics
Creation & Registration of LwM2M Objects/Resources
    • Detailed Guidelines on how to create and register Objects & Resources
    • (document is still under development)
Best Practice for the Creation & Registration of LwM2M Objects/Resources
OMNA Registry
OMA Helpdesk
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