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    • If you follow up these guidelines you will minimize delays or possible rejections during the registration process.
  • Decide what type of Object you want to create before submitting any registration.
    • See the section: 7.2.1 LwM2M Object Ranges on the above guidelines.
  • In the OMNA Registry evaluate existing:
    • Reusable Resources, and
    • Objects that you may re-use.
  • Evaluate whether an extension to an existing object would meet your requirements better than adding a new object.
  • Ask OMA staff ( to reserve a number or a range of numbers for you.
  • Ensure that the label in the Object URN is correctly allocated, see section 7.2.1 LwM2M Object Ranges of the above guidelines.
  • Ensure that your Object has the right license before submitting the registration.
  • Use the LwM2M Editor Tool it will save you time and effort.
  • Upon your registration follow the feedback from the Device Management Working Group and the staff.
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