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This table provides a brief explanation of the LightweightM2M Enabler.                                                                                                                              

LwM2M overview including new features due for release in Q2 2019

LightweightM2M (LwM2M) Enabler

The LWM2M Enabler has two components, LWM2M Server and LWM2M Client.

The LWM2M Device acts as a LWNM2M Client and the M2M service, platform or application acts as the LWM2M Server.

LightweightM2M Interfaces & functions

Four interfaces are designed between these two components as shown below:

  • Bootstrap
  • Client Registration
  • Device management and service enablement
  • Information Reporting
Resource Model

The LWM2M Enabler defines a simple resource model where each piece of information made available by the LWM2M Client is a Resource.

Resources are logically organized into Objects. The figure illustrates this structure, and the relationship between Resources, Objects, and the LWM2M Client.

The LWM2M Client may have any number of Resources, each of which belongs to an Object.

Resources and Objects have the capability to have multiple instances of the Resource or Object.

Resources are defined per Object, and each Resource is given a unique identifier within that Object.

Each Object and Resource is defined to have one or more operations that it supports.

A Resource MAY consist of multiple instances called a Resource Instance as defined in the Object specification.

OMA LwM2M Developer ToolKit.

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